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    Post How to post/upload image as a content data of form

    Hi All,

    I want to post/upload an image to URL like http://xyz.com.
    I'm posting data as a form content code is given below.
    How do I post an image. Is it possible to post it just using image path? or do I need image content like binary data.
    It should be like we do in HTML <input type="submit" value="Send"> and selected file gets uploaded.
    I got image path now can u please tell the way to post it using path.

    TUriParser8 uri;

    // Copy data to be posted into member variable; iPostData is used later in
    // methods inherited from MHTTPDataSupplier.
    delete iPostData;
    iPostData = 0;
    iPostData = iBody->AllocL();

    // Get request method string for HTTP POST
    //RStringF method = iSession.StringPool().StringF(HTTP::EPOST,RHTTPSession::GetTable());
    RStringF method = iSession.StringPool().StringF(HTTP::EPOST,RHTTPSession::GetTable());

    // Open transaction with previous method and parsed uri. This class will
    // receive transaction events in MHFRunL and MHFRunError.
    iTransaction = iSession.OpenTransactionL(uri, *this, method);
    iTransactionOpen = ETrue;

    // Set headers for request; user agent, accepted content type and body's
    // content type.
    RHTTPHeaders hdr = iTransaction.Request().GetHeaderCollection();
    SetHeaderL(hdr, HTTP::EUserAgent, KUserAgent);
    SetHeaderL(hdr, HTTP::EAccept, KAccept);
    SetHeaderL(hdr, HTTP::EContentType, KContentTypeForm);

    // Set this class as an data supplier. Inherited MHTTPDataSupplier methods
    // are called when framework needs to send body data.
    MHTTPDataSupplier* dataSupplier = this;

    // Submit the transaction. After this the framework will give transaction
    // events via MHFRunL and MHFRunError.

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