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    Question PyS60 1.9.7 on E61

    I have downloaded 1.9.7 version of PyS60 from https://garage.maemo.org/frs/?group_id=854. I downloaded that "PythonForS60_1.9.7_Setup.exe" and with it was guide called "Quickquide", there was link to Python_1.9.7.sis, will that install all what I need? Because when I try to start Python 1.9.7 on E61 it says "Check if the following components are installed. ->Python runtime -> PIPS Library". I have tried to install those but it always says the same!

    So my phone is Nokia E61
    firmware propably is 3.0633.09.04, or that is what *#0000# says.

    I have tried to find some help on the net but I haven't get this work so I ask now on there. Maybe I shouldn't make a new topic but I made so... :/

    Can you help me?
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