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    [moved] refresh statuspane & mainpane

    I need the method to refresh the statuspane & mainpane on the screen, Can u please tell the method
    I used the code:
    CEikonEnv* iEnv = CEikonEnv::Static();
    CEikStatusPane* statusPane=iEnv->AppUiFactory()->StatusPane();

    Its work perfectly, but the problem while using N95 is good in 240X320 res but the doesn't refresh while the screen moves to 320X240 res, Is there any method to refresh the screen.while changing the orientation its not get refreshed i think, the status pane get enabled in the 320X240 resolution.

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    Re: [moved] refresh statuspane & mainpane


    have you tried overriding
    void CCoeControl::HandleResourceChange(TInt aType)
    This method should be called by the framework if there is any change in the scalable UI, e.g. Orientation Change.



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