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    Sending realtime midi event


    For a J2ME software, it is easy to send MIDI events like "note on", "note off" or "program change" messages with a little piece of code :

    Player p = Manager.createPlayer(Manager.MIDI_DEVICE_LOCATOR);
    mControl = (MIDIControl) p.getControl("javax.microedition.media.control.MIDIControl");
    mControl.shortMidiEvent(MIDIControl.NOTE_ON | can, son, vol);
    mControl.shortMidiEvent(MIDIControl.NOTE_ON | can, son, 0);

    I don't want to play a midi file but I want to send midi events during the execution of my code (like playing a set of notes which are defined with my code)...

    Is a solution exists in Python to do the same things for S60 and particulary for Maemo 5 ?


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    Re: Sending realtime midi event


    I don't know if such a thing can be done with Python for S60 or Maemo, but a Google search might help (this result seems promising). Also, if you're just looking to play tones, see this article.

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