Hi All,

I am implementing customized buttons in my dialogs. Basically I want:
1) Different background/Skin
2) Possibly Different Font Color
3) Customized font face.

Items 1 and 2 from the above list I am fine with. I am half way there with item 3 but have hit a snag and was wondering if anyone knew how to resolve the issue.

I can change the font face for the buttons in the PostLayoutDynInitL of my dialog base class and the buttons are displayed fine on the initial draw.
Now, If I click on the button it gets redrawn and the customized font face is not applied. For some reason the font does not persist and the system font is used. I see the same problem when clicking on the options button to display a menu in the dialog the cba buttons used for a menu are using the system font ( I am not overly concerned about the "select" and "cancel" buttons at the mo - I will tackle them later). When I exit the menu and return to the dialog the dialog buttons have been redrawn and reset to using the system font.

I have tried changing back to the customized font in the SetEmphasis and HandleControlEventL of the dialog without any joy :(
Anybody know how this can be done?