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    UID3 for sis and dll

    Hi There

    We need to create .sis file with an exe and dll. Do we need to have 2 different/ separate UID3 for both exe and dll? or single UID3 is enough?

    Thank you.


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    Re: UID3 for sis and dll

    in theory, the UIDs needs to be unique, anyway with DLL's & exe's the second UID is different, thus you could use same UID for both, anyway, I never tried that, and would suggest to use different UIDs for all modules, not depending of their type.

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    Exclamation Re: UID3 for sis and dll

    As far as I know, UID3 is not meaningful for a DLL and is ignored (that is definitely the case for the SID of a DLL, which is usually the same as UID3 and is explicitly ignored by both Symbian Signed and the software installer, see p.46 of the Symbian OS Platform Security book).

    Update - UID3 *may* be meaningful if your DLL is being loaded by a particular framework that chooses to check it, which was the case for e.g. S60 2nd Edition ".APP" files, but it's not meaningful to Symbian Signed, the software installer or the loader. If you're loading the DLL into your own process, or the framework you're using doesn't require a particular UID3, then you can set it to anything; either 0 (unspecified) or the same as your EXE are typical choices.
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    Re: UID3 for sis and dll

    The SID/UID3 of a DLL does matter for ECOM plug-ins and to play safe I would make it unique. For statically linked DLLs use the same UID3 as for the main executable in your package and name the files with the name_0xUID.dll pattern.

    For SDKs (i.e. reusable DLLs provided by 3rd party) get unique UID and apply it to all DLLs, also following the name pattern.

    Symbian Signed should not ignore the UIDs of a DLL either, as some of them may require special atention.
    -- Lucian

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