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    Capability issue with 5800



    I have the following in my app..

    iSock->SetOpt( KSoReuseAddr, KSolInetIp, 1);

    This call fails with KErrPermissionDenied(-46) on 5800 device. Assuming this is related with capabilities, I have following:

    CAPABILITY LocalServices Location NetworkServices ReadUserData UserEnvironment WriteUserData SwEvent ProtServ

    Any idea what the problem is ?

    Note: There is a similar thread for N95 :

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    Re: Capability issue with 5800

    You can re-try the things mentioned in that thread - checking with the emulator for example, and searching for warnings in the logfile: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Epocwind.out
    Since you have ProtServ already, adding the two DeviceData-capabilities would not be difficult. If NetworkControl or CommDD happens to be necessary, that will be a different story.

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    Re: Capability issue with 5800


    Thanks a ton for that..
    Adding the additional capabilities as suggested , fixed the issue


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