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    Lightbulb [Contest] MoMinis GameCast #2 - mobile games development contest is launched

    Mo'Minis Launches New Contest for Mobile Game Creators

    If you think you're up to the challenge of creating the world's next blockbuster mobile game or app, it's time to sign up for the Mo'Minis GameCast #2 contest sponsored by orange™ Israel. In this amazing contest, all you need to grab the big prize is a wild imagination – Mo'Minis Studio does the rest.

    Whether you're a first-timer or an experienced developer, Mo'Minis GameCast #2 is your chance to put ideas for gimmicks or games into motion. Examples and guidelines for creating gimmicks can be found on our gimmicks & series page.

    Three easy steps to enroll:
    1. Download the Mo’Minis revolutionary free studio here.
    2. Create a series of 2-3 gimmicks or games around a shared theme.
    3. Upload your games to Mo’Minis site by January 25 – view the contest’s full timeline.

    Prizes are bigger than ever – totaling over $11,000 in cash and gifts. If you are selected among the 10 finalists you will win $100 to perfect your gimmick. The final round features three big-time cash prizes, together with global distribution and eternal glory.

    So what are you waiting for? Click for detailed timelines, prizes and registration information.

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