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Thread: Error in menu

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    Error in menu

    Hi! Help me please!
    I cant to great menu. Phone say, that error is in unicode string!

        reps = (
            (u'SMS', rsms),
            (u'Dial', rdial))
        use = (
            (u'Send sms', lambda: sendsms(1)),
            (u'Dial to', dial),
            (u'Send number via SMS', lambda: sendsms(2)))
        goto = (
            (u'Top', top),
            (u'End', end))
        tools = (
            (u'Save phonebook', saveall),
            (u'Restore backup from..', backup),
            (u'Settings', sett))
        menul = [
            (u'Search..', search),
            (u'Use number', use),
            (u'Go to', goto),
            (u'Reports', reps),
            (u'Tools', tools),
            (u'Exit', exit)]
        appuifw.app.menu = menul
    But, if i great menu in first, menu greated ok, next i make another menu, ok too:

        menu = [
            (u'Send', lambda: sendd(head, body, foot)),
            (u'Back', main)]
        appuifw.app.menu = menu
    But, if i try to great first menu again, application say error!

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    Re: Error in menu

    hello night_amir

    sorry i am not exactly getting you. So a clear cut exlplanation will be most better.

    And it seems the problem with menus so you can take a look at this article, not sure but i feel that will help you.


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    Re: Error in menu

    You should post the entire code you're using, if possible, and say exactly what error you're getting.

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