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    Problem with CSmsSettings


    I have one problem with CSmsSettings class. I need send a SMS on device boot. For send a sms, I used CSmsSettings to get SMS service center. My code :

    			= static_cast<CSmsClientMtm*> (iMtmRegistry->NewMtmL(KUidMsgTypeSMS));
    	const CSmsSettings& smsSettings = iSmsMtm->ServiceSettings();
    	if (!smsSettings.ServiceCenterCount())
    	TInt scDefaultIndex = smsSettings.DefaultServiceCenter();
            return smsSettings.GetServiceCenter(scDefaultIndex).Address();
    The problem (my application start at the boot time) :

    1. I boot the device with SIM card : XXXX
      The service center is good : XXXX and the sms is send.
    2. I reboot the device with other SIM card (other operator) : YYYY
      The service center is not good because is XXXX and the sms is not send.
    3. I reboot the device with SIM card : YYYY
      The service center is good : YYYY and the sms is send.

    How I can have the good service center at the first reboot (step 2) ?

    Best regards

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