I have some questions about a server side solution.

I am running on a OpenBSD testbox an apache Webserver with Perl CGI that serves several forms etc. and reads/writes to a database, which is for the moment a flat file (if later neccesary I transfer it to MySQL). I also want to make a more simple gateway for midp phones to the same app and add some other functionality to it. I want to use java servlets for that.

In order to have the servlet(s) integrated with the Perl script I will have to make an interface. I will adjust the script to make that possible, I thought it would be best if I keep the script as the only program that can write to the database.

My questions are: Do I need an Applicationserver for that, or will Tomcat do just fine? At the moment only JDK 1.2.2 is available on OpenBSD, so will that restrict me in my programming?

Any other comments/suggestions are also welcome!