we are doing a SyncML project using Nokia 3rd FP2 phones and 5th Edition phones. We have observed that the standard S60 SyncML client cannot synchronize emails which have an attachment. In our test environment we have a Funambol server connected to Exchange. In the mailbox (server side) if we have only mails without attachments no problem occurs. All mails are synchronized to the mobile in the SyncML mailbox.

If one of the mails on the server-side contains an attachment, the standard S60 SyncML does not manage to synchronize the mails. Synchronization stops after downloading the mail with the attachment. If we remove the mail with the attachment on the server-side, and re-sync with the mobile, it works again.

Funambol also has a S60 client application. If we run the same tests using this Funambol S60 client application, mails with attachments do get synchronized.

We have observed the problem consistently (100% reproducable) on 5800 MusicXpress, N79 and 6220 Classic.

Hope to get some response. All phones have latest firmware installed.

Best regards,

Rene Heuven
CEO Inmote BV
E rene@inmote.com