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    Exclamation Autolaunch P2P midlet - LLCP PushRegistry - how?

    Dear All!

    I'am already create P2P C# windows application and java midlet (not cardlet!) on nfcip protocol (win parts based on pure apdu exchange) for nfc payment terminal. But i over week can't solve one small trouble - how autorun midlet (on nokia 6212) after touch external reader ( acr122) ?

    I'am try call pushregistry.register with connection - "llcp-type1:?pid=10" or "llcp-type2:?pid=16"
    but get error - unsupport platform.

    Read the manual:

    PushRegistry support
    The implementation supports LLCP PushRegistry connections that enable launching a registered MIDlet when a remote device communicates with the local device using LLCP. When using a Type 1 PushRegistry connection sending a single packet of data to the correct PID will launch the MIDlet, and the MIDlet can acquire the received data by starting to listen for incoming connections using the same PID. When using a Type 2 PushRegistry connection the remote device needs to open a connection using the same PID. Once the registered MIDlet has been launched the MIDlet should start listening for incoming connections using the same PID in order to open the connection and to start receiving data.

    LLCP push registration connection URI must conform to the BNF syntax specified below.

    <llcp_push_uri> ::== "llcp-type"<transport_type>":?pid="<protocol_id>
    <transport_type> ::== "1" | "2"
    <protocol_id> ::== decimal integer (0-62)
    For example llcp-type1:?pid=10 or llcp-type2:?pid=16. The connection filter must always be *.

    Received data will be buffered until the MIDlet has been launched and it has created a connection corresponding to the Push registration. The implementation can limit the amount of time the buffered data is available. So for example the buffered data might not be available after 30 seconds.

    Is there any way at the moment to launch an application for a P2P communication?

    Thank you.

    P.S. Sorry for my english.

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    Lightbulb Re: Autolaunch P2P midlet - LLCP PushRegistry - how?

    As suggested on this page :
    Note that PID mentioned in the SDK javadocs is not valid, use SID instead
    So I'd suggest using "llcp-type1:?sid=10" instead of "llcp-type1:?pid=10". Worked for me.
    Hope that helps.

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    Red face Re: Autolaunch P2P midlet - LLCP PushRegistry - how?


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