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    Angry Http data *receiving* problem

    Hi, everybody.
    I'm act like in httpclient example.

    but when i'm getting data, like below,
    i'm seeing in debugger that
    isLast = iRespBody->GetNextDataPart(dataChunk);

    isLast is 0 every time, even i'm doing in while
    //..handling response there

    By the way, iRespBody->OverallDataSize give me KERN-EXEC 3 Panic.

    What is wrong? Should i make my own GetNextDataPart function?

    case THTTPEvent::EGotResponseBodyData:
    			// Get the body data supplier
    			iRespBody = aTransaction.Response().Body();
    			TPtrC8 dataChunk;
    			TBool isLast;
    			isLast = iRespBody->GetNextDataPart(dataChunk);
    			HBufC16* dc=HBufC16::NewL(60000);
    			isLast = iRespBody->GetNextDataPart(dataChunk);

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    Red face Re: Http data *receiving* problem

    Solved by myself.

    Need to add such lines in
    case THTTPEvent::EGotResponseBodyData:

    And make sure, that big portions of data call a lot of time this case.
    All day having brain fighting with this one.

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