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    Can I creat a database in E drive in emulator

    Hello everyone:

    I am doing a project about database.

    I often test my code between emulator and realmachine 5800.

    but in emulator, I can only creat database in C: drive, but in real machine ,I can only use e:/

    it is really complicated. does anyone know how to fix it that I don't need to always change my code to test my app.

    I try RProcess().FileName() to get my full path, but in the emulator, it is z:\ ,which still can not be created a database.

    Thank you.
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    Re: Can I creat a database in E drive in emulator

    Although with some magic it is probably possible to have e: in the emulator (» Symbian OS vx.y » Symbian OS Tools And Utilities » Emulator » Emulator configuration » How to configure virtual drives), a #ifdef may also help you.
    #ifndef __WINS__

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