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    Question Widgets flicker on textfield and textarea blur

    Has anyone else come across this and hopefully been more successful than me at finding a solution?

    I have a dark themed widget and when moving into a standard html textfield/textarea the content slided down on the screen to make room for standard "input mode indicator"(no flicker), but after inputing text into field and then moving out of that field the screen flashes white as the "input mode indicator" slides away and content moves back to its original position.

    When viewing and performing this action on the same code in s60 browser, there is no flicker. However when in the browser, the page does not slide up and down because when entering leaving a text field, because the "input mode indicator" shows up over top of the title pane. So I'm thinking it might be related to that transition. I read an article about avoiding flickering with widget.prepareForTransition(String transitionMode)... but I have no control over this transition in the way that function is to be used.

    I looked at some of the sample apps and they exhibited the same behavior.

    So alternatively, if the flicker can't be avoided when the page shuffles, is the a way to add a title bar/pane similar to the s60 browser so that the content does not shuffle and cause a flicker?

    I should also mention this is happening an E71 with firmware 300.21.012

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    Re: Widgets flicker on textfield and textarea blur

    It would also be helpful to if others could let me know if others could let me know if they have or have not experienced the same UI issue.

    Thanks again

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