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    Nokia 7250 and Nokia PC Suite

    Hi all,

    Just literally got my Nokia 7250 today - FANTASIC! ;-)

    Messing around with the latest Nokia PC Suite - Ideal for editing Phonebooks etc.

    However is it possible to add to a contact extra info/numbers


    Glen - Mobile Number
    Glen - Home Number
    Glen - eMail

    You can obviously do this via the phone but I want to be able to do it via the software

    Or is there better software - Oxygen for example?


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    Within PC Suite there should be several other programs e.g IMage Converter, Composer, Graphic, Sync etc. Well, one of them is the Nokia Phone Editor. You can use this to create/edit entries with multiple numbers.

    In XP, click on Start, All Programs, Nokia PC Suite, Nokia Phone Editor

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