I know that it isn't supported in many browsers: loading a local file with the "file:" prefix, and making an xmlhttprequest to a "http:" url. However, according to the following (found at http://gitorious.org/qtwebkit/qtwebk...9c9fd98a2526ab), qt webkit should support it:

	/*  Adds the given \a scheme to the list of schemes that are considered equivalent
	    to the \c file: scheme. They are not subject to cross domain restrictions.
	void QWebSecurityOrigin::addLocalScheme(const QString& scheme)
To reiterate, They are not subject to cross domain restrictions.

Nonetheless, the above situation is failing. For example:

(actually i load a QUrl, ignore my shorthand syntax)
After loading is finished, I check the webview url, and it has the "file:///" prefix, and I check the webFrame->securityOrigin().scheme(), and it equals "file".

Then, in the page, i make an xhr request to, for example, "http://www.nitobi.com". It fails with error INVALID_STATE_ERR: DOM Exception 11

I've tried loading a remote url, which then makes an xmlhttprequest call, and it succeeds, so normal xhr's do work.