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    Postfield With A Button

    Hi, I am trying to pass the contents of an inputbox to an asp script. Every thing works fine. But at the moment to submit the details, you have to click on the option button and then click Send. (On a Nokia) But if I try to run this on a ericsson for example, which hasn't got an option button. I can't sent it.

    Is there anyway I can send the variable to another script using some kind of button?

    This is the script that I am useing at the moment.:

    <card id="Third" title="Name &amp; Address">
    Click OK to Send
    <input name="var_input"/>
    <do type="accept" label="Send">
    <go href="mb_search_name.asp" method="post">

    <postfield name="test" value="$(var_input)"/>




    Code Online:



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    isnt the button replaced by an option in the menu/option (soft)button?

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    I'm starting to realize that for a WAP application you may have to taylor code for each of the most popular phones and then have seperate code for each of these phone makers located in different folders on your server. i.e. www.yoursite.com/nokia/ or www.yoursite.com/motorola/

    Can you tell me how do you retrieve the value of the variable
    var_input once you get inside of the file mb_search_name.asp?
    Do you do a request(var_input) ? to get this value? This seems to be the standard method however the <do> doesn't work on the emulators that I am using.

    Just so that we are literally on the same page: I am using WAP emulators found at http://www.gelon.net/ and on these site your code which I cut and pasted doesn't show the Send button at all on most of these phones. By removing the <do> </do> and using <a ref=file.asp> </a> works okay for display purposes but then you seem to lose ability to pass the variables.
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