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    Prototype + window.menu.items ! menu shows PrototypeJS functions names

    Hi !

    I get some troubles wqith my widget.

    I try to use Prototype with WRTKIT.

    My problem is that PrototypeJS extends the "items" object to add some functionnality.

    So, when I build a menu like this (i'm working with RSSReader example from Aptana studio) :

        if (window.widget) {
            // set tab-navigation mode and show softkeys
            // create menu
            var settingsMenuItem = new MenuItem("Settings", MENU_ITEM_SETTINGS);
            settingsMenuItem.onSelect = menuItemSelected;
            var refreshMenuItem = new MenuItem("Refresh", MENU_ITEM_REFRESH);
            refreshMenuItem.onSelect = menuItemSelected;
    	var aboutMenuItem = new MenuItem("About", MENU_ITEM_ABOUT);
    	aboutMenuItem.onSelect = menuItemSelected;
    My menu is OK, but i can see all functions names from Prototype (functions from "items" object)

    Is there a way to show only objects items, not functions?


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