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    Ovi Publisher Registration

    I have signed up to be a publisher on Ovi and gone through the registration process. Unfortunately, the email verification did not come from ovi.com (which I had already whitelisted) and was blocked by our spam filter. Now I cannot re-register (our company name is taken) and I cannot login (I have not been able to reply to the email verification email).

    Can this email be re-sent? My email address is bmachtolff@eagency.com and my login is boyd_machtolff. I have now also whitelisted the email service you are using.

    If it cannot, can my existing registration be deleted so I can re-register with the same information?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Ovi Publisher Registration


    Please email publishtoovi.support@nokia.com

    In the subject, indicate - did not receive P2Ovi email verification

    In the body of email, indicate - name of company, email used and date when you registered.

    They will re create account for you and send you the login details.

    Thank you

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