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    How to test call Log Monitor on emulator?


    I need to write application that allows me to keep some kind of subset of call logs (for example I want to save separately all the call logs from particular person).
    I have decided to use Call Log Monitor example on wiki to implement this (http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...toring_Example).
    However, I faced the problem that I can't test my application on emulator.

    1 - After some articles/threads search I understood that it's impossible to emulate incoming/outgoing calls, so Call Logs could be created.
    2 - If I understood correctly from some other threads it's also impossible to create any call log records myself (it was an idea to write separate helper app to create logs, so event could be generated).

    Any ideas what can I do? (except testing on real device )
    Does anybody know where these logs are supposed to be stored? Maybe it's possible to create dummy log file and put it into some folder in SDK?


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    Re: How to test call Log Monitor on emulator?

    Quote Originally Posted by F@r@0n View Post
    Any ideas what can I do? (except testing on real device )
    Even though you said "except testing on real device", I would strongly suggest using On device debugging for such operations. It would be really quick and real time. Check this article: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph..._-_screencasts
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