I try to build a simple application for Maemo based on Qt, which uses the webkit component. Webkit seems to be very unstable on the device itself, it crashes whenever I load certain pages and sometimes while scrolling. The same application does not crash on my Desktop or in scratchbox. Is this a known issue? Or may there be something wrong with my setup?

I uploaded the Qt Creator application to: http://www.peterbouda.de/downloads/webkittest.tar.gz

It's a simple browser, you can enter URLs, go back and forward, and reload. If I enter for example "www.sueddeutsche.de" the browser will crash, at least when I start scrolling the page up and down. I compiled with 4.5.3 and the 4.6 test packages. The behaviour seems better with 4.6, but there I don't have scrollbars, so I can't scroll. Any hints?