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    Change default call type

    Dear All,

    is there a way to change the call type programatically in J2ME (i need to change it to internet call instead of phone call).

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    Re: Change default call type

    You initiate a voice call by using MIDlet.platformRequest().

    You initiate an internet connection using Connector.open() with an appropriate URL (such as in the form "http://...").


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    Question Re: Change default call type

    if you try to dial a number on your nokia phone.

    there are 3 or more options for the call type
    as in this image :


    how can i change the default call type programatically in J2Me

    MIDlet.platformRequest() = a call (it will do a call and this call is according to your default call type (voice,video or internet).

    Please look to this image

    now can i write some J2Me code to change this value programatically ?

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