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    Question How to include /res folder in the package


    I'm using Eclipse Pulsa to develop an application on the Nokia mobile N95.
    I would like to use some images in the application, I put the images in /res/images/myphoto.PNG
    In my Application Descriptor, I have:
    MIDlet-1: MyDemo, /res/images/myphoto.PNG, main.MyDemo
    In the Build tab, I already selected both src and res folders.

    But when I create the package for my application, I check in my .jar file but there's no /res folder inside, there are only the subfolder in the src folder.

    Could you please tell me how could I include correctly the res folder in my .jar file?

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: How to include /res folder in the package

    it is included already you just have to ref the folder with a string as such
    the folder is: /res/blah/blah.png
    then the string in the code is: /blah/blah.png
    this should do it.
    btw there is no res folder in the package but packing copies the folders that are in the resources folder into the package, thous if you create a package (blah) with the same name of the resources folder (/Blah) you would get compilation error about it.
    Adam Zehavi.

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    Re: How to include /res folder in the package

    Thanks, Adam, for your explaination.
    I can get to my image files now.

    Have a nice day!

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