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    Some general FL questions


    My background is in BREW. I'm new to Nokia development so some of these questions may seem naive. We're exploring creation of a FL application for use in the US and Africa. I'm wary because my experience is that the capabilities of a platform vary wildly be device and operator. Making an application that worked on lots of devices was very difficult.

    Does Nokia or the operator determine if a version of FL will reside on a released device? Who determines which version?

    Is it possible to see for a region, such as a country in Africa, or the service area of an operator which phones will support which versions of FL?

    I see mention of the Service API for gaining access to BT, camera, accelerometer etc of the device. Is this available only on new devices that support FL 3+?


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    Re: Some general FL questions


    if you distribute your content via the OVI Store you can select the countries to distribute your content to.
    On Nokia devices there are 4 different versions of Flash Lite which have different capabilities.
    So it's up to you to device which version to target, that would give you which devices to target.

    The Platform Services are available only on S60 5th Edition (Touch UI).

    I would suggest you to take a look at the OVI Store for distribution.


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    Re: Some general FL questions

    Thank you for the answer. I will investigate Ovi further.

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