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Thread: sms encryption

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    Smile sms encryption


    i want to create an sms encryption for mobile phone nokia, using the Caesar encryption.
    when u want to send sms, u can encrypt it and send to the receiver, then the receiver can decrypt it to read the sms.

    where could i find the tutorial of it / source code ?

    thank you


    chris ryan

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    Lightbulb Re: sms encryption

    Hello ,
    Well I don't know about the casear encription that you are talking about...
    But the below link to the article which is encoder and decoder of your sms in python ,,,
    May be this will help you.

    Sms encoder and decoder

    best regards,

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    Re: sms encryption

    thank you for your replay.

    is python is the same with java?

    well, sms decoder is almost the same with encryption?
    i just cant find the right one using java....


    chris ryan

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