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    Uploading apps to app stores must be made a lot easier

    [Note: This is a copy of a message I posted on symbian.org at http://developer.symbian.org/forum/s...ead.php?t=3895. It is not only about Ovi, but about all app stores out there]

    I am currently uploading a new version of one of my apps to the different app stores on the web, and as usual this is a very time-consuming manual process. Started at 10 and not finished by far. That each and every app store has its own ways of doing things (image sizes, image file types, names must be unique or not, VAT or no VAT), doesn't make things easier. The process is also boring.

    Therefore I am proposing that app stores will allow uploads of new and upgraded apps by sending them a zip file with the application, the images, help files, descriptions, whatever. In the zip file there is also an XML file that describes each and every bit of information that the app store wants for its content database.

    The advantages for developers are that creating such a zip file can be completely automated, and as we all know, such automation is a good thing. It will be also much faster to upload apps, and app stores can even decide they do not need a complicated manual upload front-end anymore, which is cheaper for them. One bit to upload the zip file and enough room to tell about issues, that is it.

    It will also help them attract developers, I can imagine that developers are much more willing to use an app store that lets them spend time creating apps instead of uploading them.

    I am not proposing that each app store uses the same format, this isn't necessary. It would be nice, but it isn't essential.
    Sander van der Wal

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    Re: Uploading apps to app stores must be made a lot easier


    Thank you for your suggestion. As you can see, the Ovi Store and Publish to Ovi is a contnual work in progress to bring out the best possible experience for both the developer and customer. R & D is working on upcoming releases that take into account these suggestions for improvement.

    Thank you

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