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    How to stop player in j2me app

    Hi All;
    I am having problem with video player in j2me application as it gets started as application initialises.
    But while keeping music player of mobile running in backgrouund of application, player of application is giving error by which application does not start in mobile.
    Can anyone provide me solution to overcome this problem?
    Actually I am just wanted to identify whether music player of mobile is running in background to application or not? If mobile music player is running then I have to stop it so that my application will not give error and player of application will work properly.
    Thanks All in advance.
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    Re: How to stop player in j2me app

    well I'm afraid that having one single hardware chip for sound it might be a little tricky from within the OS to have two applications (the music player and your own app using the Player object)making use of it...
    Afaik there is no way to identify any other running app from a J2ME app...

    btw, one half-professional solution might be to identify which exception is thrown exactly and where, and if that exception is thrown you might want to show an Alert asking the user to close the music player...

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