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    how to check the connecting flux

    i write the js to create the object of xmlhttprequest to send data every 3 minutes.
    function updateData()
    var xml_request = new XMLHttpRequest();
    req = xml_request;
    xml_request.onload = function(e) { onload( e, xml_request, callback ) };
    xml_request.overrideMimeType( mime );
    xml_request.open("GET", url);
    xml_request.setRequestHeader("Cache-Control", "no-cache");
    setInterval( "updateData();", 2000*60*3);

    when the fluxes more than 300KB(i'm not sure) after 1 hour,the brower showed the prompt "connecting...." like the first connectting the internet,and the data of "conn.mgr." started from zero.

    does anyone know how to check the fluxes of connection.and reconnect the internet.

    thank you very much

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    Re: how to check the connecting flux

    Note that this particular board is about Symbian C++. JavaScript-stuff is probably discussed in the "Browsers & Web Servers" or "WRT Widget Development" categories, click back to
    "You Are Here: Home > Community > Discussion Boards" on the top, and you will find them.

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