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    Smile Observe Bluetooth Device Scan S60 3rd Edition?


    Hope you are all well!

    I have been able to successfully observe various Bluetooth events, such as Power ON/OFF, incoming connection etc. with Publish&Subscribe keys such as KPropertyKeyBluetoothGetScanningStatus, KPropertyKeyBluetoothGetPHYCount etc.

    But do you know if there is any way of noticing when a remote device is performing Bluetooth Device Inquiry?

    I.e. so that when a remote device is performing Bluetooth Device Search, and my device answers to it, my application would be notified.

    My goal is to get a notification of the event when my device answers to the device inquiry and then get the remote device MAC address and/or friendly name (which is not a problem, using RHostResolver & GetByAddress etc.).
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    Smile Re: Observe Bluetooth Device Scan S60 3rd Edition?

    Heheh, I will answer this question by myself then, found the (most likely final?) answer from Bluetooth Essentials for Programmers (Huang, Rudolph), starting from page 34:

    1.3.8 Limitations – Things Bluetooth Can’t Do

    Detect when a remote device is inquiring for nearby devices: Although Bluetooth exposes many low-level events, it does not expose an event that triggers when an inquiry message is detected. The Bluetooth adapter can detect this event, of course, but it just doesn’t pass that information on to the host computer. It is possible to build a custom hardware solution to detect this, but this option is most likely not feasible for most software developers.

    Determine the Bluetooth address of an inquiring device: A Bluetooth device conducting a device inquiry never transmits information identifying itself. Thus, even if it were
    possible to detect in software when a remote device is conducting an inquiry, it still wouldn’t be possible to identify that device.

    Bu-huu... Those are exactly the two things I would have wanted to have. Oh well, I guess the current solution I have implemented will have to do then.

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