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    Problem in javascript innerHTML refresh in e52

    Hi guys,

    I am developing a mobile web site using XHTML
    The values and colors of some of the fields in the page are being updated every 1 second using javascript

    The code to change the field value is currently:
    document.getElementById("name").firstChild.data=newValue or

    The code to change the background color is currently:

    The problem is that on Nokia E52 device sometime the fields are not being refreshed with the new value (the fields stay empty without the old value as well) and we need to click the mobile mouse to see the updated values and colors.

    Any idea what can cause this problem or what are we doing wrong?

    Thanks a lot,

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    Smile Re: Problem in javascript innerHTML refresh in e52

    Hi there!....

    i have fount the site which will help you to solve your problems.

    please visit the site an get the information.


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