My N95 UI sometimes gets itself into a state where the idle screen is not drawn properly. Specifically, a white rectangle is drawn at the bottom of the screen and no soft keys are shown. You can seen some screenshots on my blog here:


As you can also see, from the attached screenshots, other applications give away the problem. The TaskSpy screenshot clearly shows that although the device is in portrait mode, the UI is rendered in landscape mode. Measuring the size of the white rectangle on the idle screen shows that it is clipped to the screen height expected in landscape mode.

My N95 (firmware V21.0.16 14-02-08 RM-159, Nokia N95 (13.01)).

Other posts such as:

show similar issues.

My question is twofold:

1. Is it possible for a third party application to get the OS into a state where the home screen UI does not render.
2. If yes, how does one avoid this pitfall?

Many thanks,

Chris Wooldridge