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    Clicking photo in fixed intervals

    In my application i want to click photos in fixed interval of time ,say 10sec, and save it in a dedicated folder.
    I would like to know that is clicking photographs in the background possible in a Symbian application or does for every click Nokia's Camera application is started??
    Thanking All

    Biju Chandran

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    Re: Clicking photo in fixed intervals

    first, call CNewFileServiceClient for taking picture.
    then, start a AO to 10 sec auto taking.

    here is little resource for reference.


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    Re: Clicking photo in fixed intervals


    // clicking photographs in the background

    If you want to take pictures without starting viewfinder, then you should use ECam API (or maybe the Camera Application Engine API can also be used). See the examples provided by Forum Nokia, you can try to remove the "StartViewFinderL" calls to disable the viewfinder.

    "S60 Platform: Camera Example"

    Note: camera can not do auto focus without viewfinder.


    Ziteng Chen

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