I have a problem! I try to communicate with a ACR122 Reader in p2p mode (with java-nfcip-1.3.1 API). When I run the JavaSE application, this exception is shown:

ds.nfcip.NFCIPException: unsupported device
at ds.nfcip.se.NFCIPConnection.connectToTerminal(Unknown Source)
at ds.nfcip.se.NFCIPConnection.setTerminal(Unknown Source)

But I can not solve it!. With ACR122U Tool, for example, the reader is detected without problems. But not with my Java application

Why not supported the reader??

I have installed SDK correctly and I modified regEdit variable correctly too. The terminal ID is 0.

Can it be a firmware compatibility problem? (My reader is ACR122U205). How to downgrade the firm (from 205 to 102 -> tested with nfcip API)?

(I will want to test my application with a Nokia 6131NFC and this reader)

I need help! Thanks so much!