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    Nokia Email 2.0 with third party apps

    I'm currently writing an application and I want it to send e-mails via the default e-mail account. The application sets the subject and the recipient's address but it's up to the user to fill in the body of the e-mail and send the e-mail using the S60 message editor.

    Using the S60 v3 FP2 emulator, this all works fine using RSendAs and RSendAsMessage. I use RSendAsMessage::LaunchEditorAndCloseL after setting up the e-mail and it populates and opens the default e-mail editor without any problems.

    However, I've tried my application on recent E-series devices and everything goes wrong. If I set up a Yahoo! e-mail account via Nokia E-mail 2.0, RSendAs::AvailableAccountsL(KUidMsgTypeSTMP, *accounts) returns that there is an account available on the device. However, when I try to open the editor, the LaunchEditor panics. I also assume that any Mail for Exchange accounts won't be picked up by AvailableAccountsL so it's not a very good solution anyway.

    I've also noticed that the Yahoo! e-mail account doesn't use the standard S60 e-mail editor. Going to Messaging->New->E-mail opens up the Nokia E-mail 2.0 editor.

    So, what's the best and most reliable way of using the default e-mail account on an E-series phone to open up a message editor with pre-defined fields?

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