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    Problem with 6288 Java Certificates

    I'm New user. i have nokia 6288 mobile with software version 6.43. i m facing a problem i can't download Opera mini it says certificate not in phone or sim or no valid certificate. I checked my phone certificate there is a lot of certificate but i didn't find Verisign and thawte certificate. Is there any way to install these certificate. Else i gonna discard my mobile. i m going mad.


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    Re: Problem with 6288 Java Certificates


    First thing: this forum is used by software developers, and is not for "end user" support. For help using your phone, you should try Nokia Support. For help installing or using Opera Mini, you should go to the Opera Mini Help site.

    Beyond that, I suggest you go to the Opera Mini site and make sure you are downloading the correct version. If you are offered a choice of signed or unsigned versions, choose "unsigned".


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