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    Smile Image Opening Problem

    hi frnd

    i am opening image from my application.In my application it first retrieves all image from mobile file system and shows on list.i am openinig this image by my application.but some images are opening but some images are not.this happens in only JPEG images.i am using Sony W810i Phone..

    thanks in advance
    Ajay Prajapati
    Mobile Software Developer

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    Re: Image Opening Problem

    does it open .png images flawlessly ?
    and if it only has problems with JPEG it might just be that it doesn't support that format or maybe the way it has been encoded by your paint program...
    This last point might be tested quite easily actually, make a MIDlet that just opens a single JPEG Image and see if that succeeds ! Don't forget to open the Image in a try-catch and write the exception to the screen !

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    Re: Image Opening Problem

    Ajay it happens for some jpeg images due to the wide variety of encoding available in jpeg. It is better to use PNG images.

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