Hi List,
I m new to this.I have a simple program by which i need to display the following location info as tupple.

import location
print location.gsm_location()

I bellive to use this API i must sign pythonshellscript.
For this i uploaded PythonScriptShell_1.9.7_unsigned_devcert.sis to symbian online and got signed copy as PythonScriptShell_1[1].9.7_unsigned_devcert.sis.
Now when i try to install PythonScriptShell_1[1].9.7_unsigned_devcert.sis o my cell(Nokia 5800), I get error message "Unable to install a protected application from an untrusted application supplier".Pls help me with this.
.I have goen through differnet post but no luck.Any simple steps or pointer to get this done would of great help.Thanks in advance.