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    App with Browser Control crashes on N96 when close and open again

    Hi people,
    I have developed an app that uses Browser Control API to get a web app and send GPS coordinates. I realized that when I open (without even using GPS) and close Browser Control and open again the app crashes (no error is shown, just exits the app without showing the first page) on my N96 device. I think it's been working fine for weeks, but now if I close and open the app it crases.
    On emulator it works fine and there is no error message. On E51 device works fine too, can open and close the app without any problem.
    Maybe any not released resource?? but why it worked for weeks? why it works fine on emulator and E51?
    Please,have no idea, does anybody have any hint?

    Well I've been testing and now it crashes on E51 too...on emulator it works almost all the time, once I had an cconndlgappserver error. I can´t find much information about this error.
    Please, need help!!!
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