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    Sending tuples via bluetooth?

    hi everybody
    lately im working on an exciting project
    but i got a problem about about sending two variables at same time via bluez module
    therefore,i need to send these two variables as a tuple object , i guess

    infact i found a way send two variables at same time as string but it's too laggy and sometimes causing errors
    here is my solution which is so laggy:
    on client:
    def senderfunction():
    socket.send(str(a)+' '+str(b))
    on server:

    variable a and b are numbers between -99 and +99
    please help

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    Re: Sending tuples via bluetooth?

    Hello McLightning, welcome "a discussion board"

    Suggestions, following your initial approach (I am supposing that a and b are numbers):


    msg = "%d %d" % (a,b) # space is the field delimiter !
    Decoding at receiver:

    msg = msg.split() # space is the field delimiter !
    a = int(msg[0])
    b = int(msg[1])
    However, take care when receiving, ensure recv got all expected bytes. socket.makefile() is available for TCP/P sockets. If it is available for bluetooth sockets as well I recommend to use it instead recv/send since you will have a better flow control for text oriented messages.

    If you want something more sophisticated, I recommend simplejson. Using simplejson you can serialize complete objects instead only string. You will find a example in the thread.

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