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    Mobile software development company


    I am wondering if you could maybe help me with quest to find a top notch mobile software development company.
    The cell phone software that I going to have developed, is a non interactive app that will push sent and received sms messages to our cloud portal (much like these other sites mymobilewatchdog.com and mobile-spy.com).
    I am new to the industry so I am having a hard time finding companies that specialize in Symbian and other similar types of development. Any contacts you can recommend would be very appreciated and 100% confidential.
    Send me an email at mschramm000@hotmail.com

    Wish you all the Best and thanks again.

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    Re: Mobile software development company

    Hi man!.....

    I have tried to find the comapny list in the Google Search Engine!...

    I have found the most of the company which are in the list of the site but when i contact there, i wondered that thee is no such type of the comapny!...

    So ,,, I want t owarn you that please veryfy the new address of the Company because the most of the Company address doesn't updated!....

    If i find the new one list .... i will definately tell you!...

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