Hello all,

I am trying to using S60_Platform_HTTP_Client_Example_v2_2_en to have http access without IAP selection reminder, but it's easy to do this without IAP selection in v2.1 example, finially I found the root cause it v2.2 removed the following code in void CClientEngine::SetupConnectionL(), did anyone know what's the purpose to remove those code in v2.2, those code exists in v2.1.

// Set the sessions connection info...
RStringPool strPool = iSession.StringPool();
RHTTPConnectionInfo connInfo = iSession.ConnectionInfo();
// ...to use our socket server and connection
connInfo.SetPropertyL ( strPool.StringF(HTTP::EHttpSocketServ,
RHTTPSession::GetTable() ), THTTPHdrVal (iSocketServ.Handle()) );
// ...to use our connection
connInfo.SetPropertyL ( strPool.StringF(HTTP::EHttpSocketConnection,
RHTTPSession::GetTable() ),
THTTPHdrVal (REINTERPRET_CAST(TInt, &(iConnection))) );

Thanks for your help.