I like the 9210 but i feel in order to make it a real business phone, it should have all the items that of the new phones coming out now! First off make it tri band. Second give it blue tooth ! If it was tri band I could have sold over 5 units alone in one day. Ok lets take a look at the new 9210ud (up date) Blue tooth, Irda, MMS, tri band, virbrating battery pack. This phone would sell I think and you can do more....I have many ideals for phone up grades, iwish to present them to you.Im upset because I have a phone thats great but you didnt give it room to grow! I wish you could recall 9210's and add (at a cost) Tri band blue tooth and even make the screen on the cover color. Just put out a questionair and ask if people would want this up grade. I would like to talk one on one with you guys/gals to tell you as a Nokia customer of what i would like to see. After all I have 3 phones....please pick my brain and see if you can pleasemore people with fine products. I thankyou for your time!