We have a flash lite game which runs on series 40 devices however due to the amount of animation in it the total file size is just under 4mbs. I’ve got around memory issues within the swf file itself by loading and unloading the animations as and when they’re needed. Unfortunately, when the swf files are packaged into an nfl file and run on a test device a “not enough memory” message is displayed. With some experimenting I’ve worked out that the phones won’t run nfl files that are bigger than 1mb, even if only some of the files in the nfl package are needed in memory at startup. I’m guessing it’s loading the entire nfl file into memory rather than just the swf files it needs (although it has no problem displaying the icon and reading the descriptor.inf file)

Is there a way of making an nfl file that’s bigger than 1mb or distributing such a game to the ovi store for series 40 devices?