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    Question is QT for s60 ready to build final applications?

    is QT for s60 a mature developer platform?

    A few months ago, I downloaded a beta release and code a some basic examples in QT, but...

    I have to install several (5 +) libraries and updates, latest OpenC, SSL, etc... (some of them a very, very early build)

    The big Question is:

    is QT Ready for develop and distribute my application?

    is it ready to deploy a twitter client (as example), publish in OVI Store (one sis installer), that runs in any s60 v5 device?

    Carlos Olivera

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    Re: is QT for s60 ready to build final applications?

    I am also intrested in this answer

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    Re: is QT for s60 ready to build final applications?

    Today was released Qt 4.6 final. As you can see in the announce

    "Use Qt 4.6.0 to develop commerical Symbian applications for deployment in first quarter of 2010"

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    Re: is QT for s60 ready to build final applications?

    I think with 4.6 release of Qt we have a good framework to create our applications integrated with Symbian. Next year will be a year with a lot of news about Symbian Development like Symbian^3 and Symbian^4 with Qt as UI Framework replacing AVKON.

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