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Thread: Doubt in s

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    Doubt in s

    Hello people,

    I am trying to develop a mobile application in which the phone will act as the game controller and the game will be played on the PC. So for this I am working over Sensor API and SDK of N97.

    I am testing SensorTestMidlet program of the same, but for the simulation case (i.e., I am not using any hardware, just trying it on my laptop) only one value is generated by the accelerometer.

    But I want that multiple values be seen during simulation so that I can see the ball moving. Can anyone help me with this ? Is it possible to do such a thing or am I going wrong somewhere ?

    Please help me....

    Thanking you in advance...Hope to hear from you...

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    Re: Doubt in s

    I'm not sure but on the WTK emulator you might try to use the "external Events" Tab ? I never tried that but maybe there is some kind of sensor Input you can set...

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