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    Wink Mobile Viruse with Name and its Effect

    Hi Friends....

    I am posting here some mobile viruses and its effect on Mobile phone.

    cabir. a -
    It is a worm that runs in sybian series 60 phones and replicates via Bluetooth. This worm spreads as a SIS package named caribe.sis. The package contains 3 components caribe app, flo.mdl and caribe rsc. Once the worm is installed the worm runs every time the device is rebooted. Cabir a attempts to send itself to Bluetooth enabled devices found in the proximity of the infected mobile phone
    Type: worm

    velasco a-

    It is a virus written specifically for nokia series 60 mobile phones running the symbian OS, it spreads by searching all SIS installation files in the infected device, and inserts itself as an embedded SIS file into them. This virus is a both a ile virus and worm. Once running veLAsco.a attempts to send itself to Bluetooth enabled devices found in the proximity of the infected mobile phone.
    Type: worm, parasitic virus

    commwarrior.a -
    It is a worm for symbian operating system and mobile devices compatible with nokia series 60. it is the first worm that spreads using MMS and bluetooth
    Type: worm

    commwarrior.b ?

    It is a worm for symbian OS and series 60. the worm is capable of spreading over Bluetooth and MMS messages
    Type: worm

    commwarrior.c ?

    the most dangerous worm that operates on symbian series 60 devices. the worm is capable of spreading over Bluetooth and MMS messages
    Type: worm

    mabir.a ?

    It is a worm created by the author of the original cabir for series 60 devices and is capable of spreading via Bluetooth and MMS messages
    Type: worm


    It is the first known virus for the pocket PC platform, it is a proof-of-concept parasitic virus which infects EXE files for the pocket PC environment. This virus affects ARM-based devices only. To spread between pocket PCs infected exes would need to be exchanged manually
    Type: parasitic virus

    Brador.a ?

    It is the first known backdoor Trojan that affects handheld devices based on ARM architecture. When Brador.a has been installed, the hacker can control the PDA through the backdoor
    Type: Trojan backdoor

    Mosquito.a ?

    It is a cracked version of a game for symbian series 60 devices. Mosquito contains functionality that sends SMS to a certain number each time the game is started
    Type: Trojan

    Skulls.a ?

    It is a malicious SIS file Trojan for series 60, that replaces the system applications with non-functional versions. When the SIS file is installed it created a number of files on the C:drive of the phone. Skulls replaces the system applications with non-functional versions. This virus causes the phone to be non-functional one. In general, skulls of different variants, all applications icons are replaced with an image of a skull and crossed bones. Don?t reboot ur phone if you are infected
    Type: Trojan

    CabirDropper.a ?

    It is a symbian installation file which installs Cabir variants into the device and disables some control applications
    Type:Trojan with worms

    MGDropper.a ?

    It is a malicious SIS file dropper, which disables most well known file managers and and antivirus softwares. it also installs Cabir worm on the phone
    Type: Trojan with worm

    Dampig.a ?

    It is Trojan which disables some build in applications and third party file managers.

    Locknut.b -

    It is a Trojan for mobile devices compatible with Nokia series 60 running symbian OS. The Trojan may be packaged as a symbian installation system file Patch_v1.sis, Patch_v2.sis. the installation file may be crafted so that a text in Russian is displayed during the installation.

    Namerever.a ?

    It is a Trojan designed to run on the nokia series 60 compatible mobile phones.this virus arrives as a SIS file with the filename Antivirus.sis. if the file is installed on the device the installation process attempts to disable SIMworks?s and Kepersky?s mobile antivirus software. The installation file is crafted so that the text ?Antivirus by Dr.Web? is displayed during the installation
    Type: Trojan

    Fontal.a ?

    It is a Trojan for symbian OS series 60 mobile devices. Fontal.a installs corrupted font file on the device and displays a message which should trick the user into rebooting the device. When the device is powered on after the reboot it may be unable to boot the operating system
    Type: Trojan

    Hobbes.a ?

    It is a SIS file Trojan that looks like the Symantec anti-virus for symbian phones. When the Trojan is installed, it shows a dialog instructing the user to reboot the phone in order to activate the Symantec antivirus software. The Trojan does not contain any antivirus software but a component that disables the phone?s application menu.

    oomboot.a ?

    It is a Trojan that drops Commwarior.b on the phone and is able to disrupt phone functionality in a previously unknown way. It drops Symbian ETEL ROM binaries to the C:\ folder of the device. This virus is also the first malware that drops Commwarrior.b on the device. The ROM binaries cause the device to fail at the next boot and the device stays in an eternal reboot loop.
    Type: Trojan with worm

    Onehop.a ?

    It is the first symbian Trojan that actually uses Bluetooth to send Trojans to other phones. The file it sends is called Bootton.a that is unable to spread.Onehop.a causes an infected device to reboot when trying to use system applications such as accessing the phone menu. It sends copies to the first device it finds using Bluetooth. In its structures onehop.a is quite similar to Skulls family Trojans. With the exception that instead of replacing system files with corrupted binaries. Onehop.a uses applications to cause device to reboot. Thus if a device is infected with onehop.a, pressing the menu button or any system applications button make the device to reboot.
    Type: Trojan with other trojan

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    Re: Mobile Viruse with Name and its Effect

    And the point of posting it here is ?

    Please use our Wiki for any infomration you want to share with other developers.

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