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    5800 Application suggestion

    In my opinion, the phone cannot know for sure when I want to use the portrait mode and when the landscape mode. I think there should be a button for it so the user can choose which one to use and when. The application could add a 'switch to portrait/landscape' option to the drop menu that opens by pressing the XpressMusic button -> http://mobce.com/wp-content/uploads/...ouchscreen.jpg

    I think it would be a great app that makes the phone much more easy to use. Hope someone will do it and put it to Ovi :)

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    Re: 5800 Application suggestion

    Palm had just that. and then came Apple, and everyone went batshit about "da motion sensah".

    Blame it on Apple, not on us!
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    Re: 5800 Application suggestion

    Or even better, support both automatic and manual choices.
    So the user can select "Automatic orientation", or "Fix to landscape", or "Fix to portrait"...
    Most well-thinking apps should build that in at the app level.

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    Re: 5800 Application suggestion

    To switch automatic landscape/portrait mode:

    "Settings" -> "Phone" -> "Sensor settings" -> "Turning control" -> "Auto-rotate display"

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