Tally ho, Jack is Back!

1st of December the technology preview of the Qt Mobility project was released. What is it about? Well, as Qt comes from the desktop side it doesn't contain easy to use cross platform APIs for mobile use cases like location, contacts, messaging, sensors etc.

As Qt applications are native applications (Qt is not a sandbox'd runtime environment like Flash, Java or WRT) you can always access all the features OS offers.
Of course we want to make it simple for you and want to offer the same use cases in multiple platforms with one set of APIs.
No more learning OS specific libraries - Qt Mobility to the rescue

The first release contains sources. For Symbian we will soon (in a couple of days, promise) add:
* signed SIS file containing the mobility DLLs
* libraries that you'll extract to your Symbian SDK
similarly as we've done with Qt for Symbian pre-releases. Later on we'll naturally have installers etc in place - now it's been time to focus in the APIs itself.

What is this dibo for?
a) Input to the APIs?
b) found bugs?
c) want to know about the APIs?
d) have an issue using the APIs?

Answer - all of those. Your welcome to come and ask, require, complain, thank, do what ever you feel like (as long as it's regarding mobility APIs).

There are more APIs to come, and f.ex the multimedia API for Symbian is non-existing. We'll add that early next year. There might be nice surprises like sensors coming soon - stay tuned!

Oh yeah, almost forgot the link : http://qt.nokia.com/developer/new-qt-apis
(don't bother building the APIs for Symbian, wait for the SIS and libs. Trust me on this one)